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Welcome from the Organizers!

We are pleased to be hosting the Polymer Processing Society Americas Regional Conference November 5-9 2018! The conference planning is underway and we look forward to hosting members of the academic and industrial communities in polymer processing from all over the world. 

The Polymer Processing Society was founded in March 1985 at the University of Akron, Akron, Ohio, USA. The goals of the Polymer Processing Society (PPS) are to foster scientific understanding and technical innovation in polymer processing by providing a discussion forum for the worldwide community of engineers and scientists in the field. The thematic range of the PPS encompasses all formulation, conversion and shaping operations applied to polymeric systems in the transformation from their monomeric forms to commercial products.

Every year, the society holds one regional and one annual conference. The location of the annual conference alternates among the three major geographic locations: Asia/Australia, Americas and Europe/Africa. 

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Professor Joey Mead

Professor Joey Mead

Professor Meg Sobkowicz

Professor Meg Sobkowicz

Organizing Committee

A team of faculty and staff from the University of Massachusetts Lowell Plastics Engineering department is heading up the administrative organization of PPS Americas 2018. We have put together a prestigious Technical Organizing Committee to help put together an interesting program.