Presenters were given the option to submit a full paper on their presentation topic. Please find these papers at the links below.

  1. Coelho, Luis

  2. Robledo-Ortíz, Jorge

  3. Ken Fujisaki

  4. Yosuke Nishitani

  5. Yosuke Nishitani

  6. Gorkem Guloglu

  7. Mehrad Amirkhosravi

  8. Wataru Takarada

  9. Edson Botelho

  10. Hirotaka Goto

  11. Cedric De Schryver

  12. Viviane P. Romani

Role of Triblock Copolymer in the Properties of Epoxy Matrices with Carbon Nanoparticles

Compatibilization of Rotational Molded Poly(lactic acid)-Agave Biocomposites Using Fiber Surface Treatment

Effect of injection molding process using induction heating on mechanical properties of long glass fiber reinforced phenolic resin

Dynamic Viscoelastic Properties of Ternary Biomass Composites (Hemp Fiber/Plant-Derived PA1010/PP-g-MA) in Molten State

Effect of Surface Treatment of CF on the Mechanical Properties of CF Reinforced Plant-Derived Polyamide 10T Biomass Composites

Moisture Absorption in Thermosetting Polymers and Composites: A Comprehensive Model and Experimental Observations

A New Approach to Apply High Consolidation Pressure in Composite Manufacturing by Using Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets

Structural Analysis and Mechanical Properties of Melt-processed Polyethylene Products Containing Micro-fibrillated Cellulose Fibers

Processing, Morphological and Thermal Characterization of PEI/Buckypaper of Carbon Nanotubes Nanocomposites

A Study on fiber dispersion mechanism for production of long-fiber reinforced thermoplastic pellets

The influence of the rib thickness on the strength of ribs in injection moulded short fibre reinforced products: experiments versus numerical simulations

Agro-based Polymers as a New Generation of Plastics